Saturday, August 20, 2005

Audiophilia is not a crime.

I bought some new kit while I was in Christchurch. A Perreaux pre-power combo (SX1 & PMF1050) that will celebrate its 20th birthday in October.

Today I've been having a good listen, and I must say I'm very happy with the purchase (even though I *thought* I was happy with my previous amp, a NAD integrated. That will move to the boudoir with my old Wharfedale sub/sat system.)

I've been going through various albums and it's like I'm listening to them for the first time. Bob Dylan's "Oh Mercy" & Ben Harper's "Welcome to the Cruel World" really showed them off. It's the bottom end that is really impressive, even at low volume. That and the imagery.

Of course, now I need a better CD player ;-)

I figure if I can find a NZ-made CD player and turntable, then I'll have a completely NZ setup (as I run Monitor Acoustic speakers - now going by the 'Image' name).

I've always liked the Dome speakers designed by a couple of Welly guys. They fit my vision for something that's not too intrusive size-wise but gives off great sound.

If only I had oodles of money - perhaps siquillions!
They look cool, I wonder what they sound like... Might have to pop into Soundline for an 'audition'.

I used to live in a warehouse apartment many many moons ago in Allen St. Directly above us were a couple of guys that - apparently - were loudspeaker designers. I think all they did was smoke dope and play bad music late at night really, really loud.
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