Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fine Dining

So, I went to the White House for dinner last night... as my little brother works in the kitchen there, the wait-staff took extra special care of us.

Food was great - I had Waikanae Crab Ravioli as a starter followed by Venison on an 'orgy' of mushrooms with a truffle jus. Is this the first time a main has hit $40 in Wellington I wonder?

My companion went for the day's entree special of Scallops on a citrus mash with a beurre blanc, followed by a beef fillet.

Washed down with a Mt Difficulty ("Mt Doom?") Pinot.

All in all, a magic culinary experience.

We got to talking on the way there about the fine dining restaurants that we have known in Wellington during our time, and lamented the passing of Brasserie Flipp and Petit Lyon. Both were world class in this tiny town.

Could be a tie with Logan Brown's "Duck two ways" at $41.
Must admit I haven't eaten at Logan Brown as much as I have drunk there. A lot of people don't realise that you can just rock up to the bar and have a drink, you don't need to be dining there to do so.

Or maybe James & Co are just being kind by not evicting me ;-)
OK. If I'm your companion. Then you are officially, my geek.
Yep, that would be a fair call. I'll wear that as a badge of honour... ;-)
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