Friday, August 19, 2005

The Garden City

So, I've been stuck in Christchurch all week with work.

Went out for a wee sift last night, and found a rather stylish lounge bar called "Rootes".

It's below another bar/restaurant called "Minx" - - the naming apparently comes from the Hillman Minx, which was made by an outfit called "Rootes". (Here was me thinking that it was some sort of Afrikaan's name...)

These seats were very cool (you were encouraged to sit on them, as as first glance they just looked like light sculptures...). Reminded me of the sort of thing that Mathmos does in the U.K.

And the lighting on the wall changed colour occasionally, not a sound-to-light change but just a randomly timed thing. Very cool, well, very cool in my eyes.

They had a great cocktail list too... I wasn't drinking as I wanted to be super-fresh today, but I could appreciate it just from the page. So, if you're in Christchurch, head to Lichfield St, go downstairs, and see Ritchie behind the bar. He does the best Lemon/Lime/Bitters I've ever seen - he flames the bitters first in a brandy balloon!

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