Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Dream of Microwaves

... is the title of a book I've just finished, and feel that I should rave about to you, dear reader.

It's the first book from Imad Rahman, a Pakistani-American, and features a protagonist who then appears in multiple short stories. I liked the fact that characters you were introduced to in one story would then appear again subsequently in a completely different plot.

I think what warmed to me to the lead is that he is an erstwhile actor (something I can identify with from a previous life) and he drinks too much (er...).

The opening line from the first story:

"I was trying to get my mind off drinking by pouring hot coffee on my arm when I got a letter out of the blue from an old girl-friend, Eileen."

[This bode well for the rest of the book, the same way I felt sure about 'Sideways' (the novel) when I saw the quotation from Withnail ("We've gone on holiday by mistake") following the dedication.]

Another favourite line (delivered to a hospital operator during a bout of chest pain):

"I'm being attached by my heart."

Recommended especially to anyone who has spent time cracking the boards, either amateur or pro...

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