Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sherry? Sherry. Sherry? Sherry. Sherry.

OK, So I lost the Bloody Mary battle with Stephen when he pulled the sherry trump card. And that did lead me to seek out a bottle of the stuff yesterday, which Guy used to good effect to mix some damned strong B.M.'s.

Preceeded and followed by a Brazilian beer (hey, what the hell, I'd never tried them before and they're in a good-looking bottle. Girl at The Mill said they're similar to a Corona, and they are to a certain extent, I drank them with a lemon wedge.)

And then as we watched Monty attempt to seduce Marwood, it seemed only fitting to take a small glass of Sherry straight-up. Bit dry, but would have gone with oysters rather nicely.

Then made a couple of 51's, and watched The Ladies Man which is quite funny - and surprising that the public library hold it.

Then off for dinner at Boulot, took a gamble on the cabonara and was pleasantly surprised. For such a simple dish, so many places get it wrong. I remember one place in Ponsonby that served up something like a cream soup with pasta floating in it, and tried to call it a cabonara. Sheesh...

Then to the Brewery to witness the AB's beat the Wallabies. Followed by Havana Bar, where I had to endure a guy who looked (and acted) like the brother-in-law from The Castle. I swear he was talking about kick-boxing too.

All roads lead to Red Square...

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