Friday, September 09, 2005

Never judge a book by its cover

This one came through the electronic mail this morning: Judge based on a person's photo whether they are a computer programmer or a serial killer!

I got 6/10. The spooky thing is that I work with computer programmers, and have acted the role of a killer on Crimewatch. I thought that would have made me a better judge ;-)

On that bent, I got finger-printed yesterday. Not something that happens everyday, so it was kinda interesting. The second hand was a lot easier than the first as you know what to expect. (We got burgled at work, and I was being printed so they can exclude me from any prints they were able to find at the crime scene...)

Friday. Yay. Roll on beer o'clock.

Got 6 as well! What's with the creepy Russian guy?!
There are a couple of Russians (well, Eastern Europeans actually) on my morning bus. Not sure which camp they fit into, although one plays (bad) music far too loudly through his headphones so the whole bus suffers.

Probably a programmer ;-)
Sounds like he's more likely to be killed than a be a killer ;)

Yay - halfway through the afternoon. Golden honey booze will be sliding down my throat soon.
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