Monday, September 05, 2005

This funny thing about this is that I *thought* it said "Alcohol Helps relieve hangovers" which I thought (at the time) was extremely logical.

Some waiter at a cafe one lunchtime offered me a red bull as the cure all for a hang over... It didn't work. The bloody mary was by far the better cure.
Flying to Sydney recently I was the only person in the Koru club at 5.30am to make use of the bar... for a bloody mary, naturally! (Had only got to bed at midnight after a session at Red Square...)

I had to discard the first attempt as I mistakenly put a couple of dashes of bitters into the mix rather than Worcester sauce... :-)

Actually, I think I was then the only person on the flight to take advantage of the open bottle of bubbly. As I said to the stewardess "Well, it's open now so it would be a shame to waste it."

She agreed fully.
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