Monday, October 03, 2005

Ay carumba!

Dear oh dear. What a liquid weekend.

Friday night - after a day battling the machines again - they won :-( met Stephen and Ms Brown at Tupelo and polished off a couple of 'tinis and a shot of Fernet, not to mention a cleansing ale or five. [BTW, it was from there that I mastered the art of posting from the mobile, as per the previous post]

Then to Wasabi for some solids. And a bottle of sake each, naturally.

Stephen and I then pushed on, to Blondinis of all venues, to drink yet another martini (I think the bartender was rapt that we ordered one, not sure if they get that many ordered up there.) Then Chow for a shot of herradura (cos we really needed it by then) then Motel, then Boulot. Where (allegedly) I became upset that I couldn't hand-jive in the state I was in.

I made a break for home at this point. I loved Stephen's txt the next day: "I was a bit worried about you running off like that, until I realised you were FUCKED."

Saturday was my flatmate's sister's farewell party, that I'm sure the entire latin american community of Wellington attended. Tequila/beer/bbqing/dancing. Ended up sharing my bed with Guy's labrador which he conveniently left behind ;-)

Needless to say today I'm rather shattered today, so looking forward to a lucky laksa.

Sounds like a pretty good effort. I'm sure I couldn't hand jive in that state. That is if you're talking about the moves from Grease and not McDonald's Self Entertainers ;)

i think we both need help... ;)
one way to get a dog into your bed...go boy!

The funny thing is, I've got no idea what hand-jiving is. Maybe Stephen's just telling me stories to make me insecure...

Not sure about that BBC propaganda. I mean, have you ever met a journalist that would stop after 'just the one'? :-)

And as for you and your fetishes Styles...
Hmmm, well I have finally been paid, so I think I might need to have a weekend to compete with the one you just had!!
... or perhaps start updating your blog ;-)
Did the dog come with a paper bag?

And how lewd is Kate actually being, there, up there? I think that one went straight over the top of me head the first time around... ;)
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