Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Premature ageing device

Q: When could premature ageing be a good thing?
A: When you're a bottle of wine, naturally!

"Squirrelled away in his chemical engineering laboratory in rural Shizuoka, Hiroshi Tanaka has spent 15 years developing an electrolysis device that simulates, he claims, the effect of ageing in wines. In 15 seconds it can transform the cheapest, youngest plonks into fine old draughts as fruit flavours are enhanced and rough edges are mellowed, he says."

Read the whole story at The Times of London.

I wonder if he could reverse the process for humans to give us back the years that consuming said wine takes away... ;-)

"Good wine is never too expensive. Bad wine always is."

Wish I could remember who said that, but I was probably too drunk at the time.
How right you are.
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