Thursday, November 03, 2005

On Tour...

... Bad News style. Well, not exactly. In fact, nothing at all like Bad News, there's nothing rock'n'roll about my current jaunt to The Old Country.

Just wanted to check in here briefly to say that I won't be posting much while I'm away as I'm avoiding the 'puters (partly choice, partly availability).

A thought to leave you with: I flew to London on an Air NZ flight (cucumber garnish in the Bloody Mary - nice work!) that was also freighting the All Blacks.

Apart from them treating business class & first class like their own private tour bus (read: stripping off out of tour uniforms into comfortable travelling under-garments), I got to thinking:

"they don't let the Royal Family all travel on the same plane..."

yawn...when is there going to be an update....
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