Friday, January 13, 2006



There's a large article in today's DomPost about Mr Pop and the fact he doesn't drink, smoke, or take drugs.

So, not any more then Iggy? I mean, have you seen a photo of him? ;-)

Reminds me of my favourite quote from Keef Richards:

"All the time I was a heroin addict, I never once had a cold."


I found the other day that you can't actually buy content on VHS anymore from any of the high-street entertainment stores. RIP little magnetic tapes with terrible drop-out that would always get caught up in the player's heads.


Was that Summer?


I'm trying to figure out how Mr Beard can blog so profusely yet still hold down a job to fund such a cocktail habit?


Never underestimate the power of drinking and blogging! If only more bars had CafeNET.
I know VHS are old-skool, but they are so much more resilient than DVDs. With small persons in the house a dvd has a life span of about 1 week, and they munt the player every time they try and play one.
Tom: I bet you use a Powerbook ;-)

Martha: This fact was brought home to me recently, someone that has motor difficulties can handle VHS tapes OK but not DVD's...
Nope, a boring old Toshiba. I've never done the Mac thing.
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