Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spare me the charity

Who else is pissed off that you can't move more than 5 metres along The Terrace or Lambton Quay these days without being cornered by a clipboard-wielding charity worker asking if you can spare 'a minute' for WWF/Save The Children/Amnesty/Greenpeace/[insert charity du jour here]?

All valid causes of course, but it should be my choice to approach them to learn more and sign up, not the other way around.

It probably breaks a WCC bylaw anyway (a la busking without a licence)... maybe I should script a letter to the editor and join Tom in print.

I know, they make you feel like a bad person, when that ain't necessarily the case. They even loiter around Jackson St.
I totally agree. Sometimes I want to scream "get a real job!" and then I realise I'd be Ebenezer Scrooge.

And yes - I think busters should have to audition for a licence which includes showing that they know more than 3 songs with differing beats.

Some crazy guy sang Your Song 10 times one night. Drove me crazy!
charity starts at home? or on the streets?
Chugging? Damn, they've named it already...

I almost got chugged at lunchtime but my steely "No thanks" was quickly met by a "Have a nice day anyway".

i don't mind the pamphleteers and chaidees so much... its that old tuneless bloke with the bicycle and the mic/amp that hums in Manners Mall that gets me... can't someone make him join the ranks of Kenny the singing whinging cowboy and just go away?
My resolve firmed by your tirades, I'm going out chugger-baiting as soon as possible. Any unsolicited solicitations are going to be met with a stern look, a curt reply, and a stiff forearm to the throat. There's storm-clouds a-brewin' and I don't mean the ones that are looking set to hang around for the next couple of weeks.
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