Saturday, February 18, 2006

I feel like a pig shat in my head

And on the topic of hangovers, Two Chaps Talking write about it brilliantly (along with most other topics. Cheers to Tom for introducing them to me via his latest Martini post).

Have just re-read the screenplay of 'Withnail and I', where (in the introduction) Bruce Robinson refers to his diary entries from the 60's, most of which start with a description of a hangover. One is referred to as having "biblical proportions". Another lasts 4 days.

What a trooper.

That's a very florid description.
Other great hangover descriptions:

"My head feels like there's a Frenchman living in it" - Blackadder

"My mouth feels like the inside of an Abo's trousers" (in broad Ocker accent) - The Greek Chorus from Alan Coren's Oedipus Bruce
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