Tuesday, May 23, 2006


OK, so most of you know that I'm leaving but for those that didn't know - that's the reason I've been extremely quiet on the posting front lately.

And the fact that my farewell "week" as it's been referred to has been rather large. My poor girlfriend is going to pick me up from Heathrow and drive me straight to the Priory.

I mean, what sort of misguided logic states that it's a good idea to go on a 12-hour binge on a Sunday (just because you don't have to work on the Monday)?

I feel unusual. Luckily my partners in crime are feeling just as bad.

And work farewell is tomorrow night.

Will we never be set free?

Are ya there yet? Are ya there yet?

I guess you'd better let me know your bank account number so I can pay you for that VCR.
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